Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We Have Eggs

The harvest is complete and we have 9 eggs. That was a very unique experience and I don't know how I got through it. I left out the house this morning at 0 dark 30 (5:15) to get to the hospital by 6am. I had to register and then wait in the surgicenter's waiting room to be called. A nurse came around to do the pre-op questions and prep. I was told I was first on the board. I gave her my entire life story (no I don't drink. no I don't smoke. no I haven't eaten after midnight, and yes I had bypass surgery, lost a lot of weight, yes I'm happy I had the surgery, etc). I am a very tough stick so they send someone down from the IV team to do my IV as the surgicenter nurse didn't get me on the first go. She said she'd rather no torture me and I agreed and thanked her mightily. My RE came in, gave me reassurances and left to go get changed. Once they did get my IV in I headed up to the OR waiting room where I spoke to the Anesthesiologist and had to give my life story to her too.

When I got in the OR they all were masked and after getting on the table and saying a bunch of funny things I noticed the RE in the room.  

Nurse: Are you comfortable. (once I got on the table)
Me: As comfortable as you can be in an operating room full of people.

Then it was nighty night. 

I wake up slow from Anesthesiology but I recall the RE telling me how many eggs she retrieved and that she would call me later. My DH was there and I remember asking if he did his part and then the nurse showed him how to give me my progesterone shots.  Now my abdomen is a bit tender and my bum hurts. I came home, too another really good nap and I will wait as patiently as I can for the RE to call tomorrow to tell me how many fertilized. 


  1. So happy everything went well. Be sure to rest up and don't over do anything. Cant wait to hear about fertilization! Congrats!

  2. Sounds like it went well! I'll be anxiously waiting for your updates in the next few weeks! I'm hoping my retrieval tomorrow goes well also. I'm a bit nervous for it.

  3. Great results :) I've often wondered why they need to take the same story twice within minutes of each other... don'te they write it down ?!? Rest up and thinking of you as you recover xoxo