Tuesday, July 3, 2012

That Wasn't So Bad

Today was my first Lupron injection. I am so happy to finally feel part of the IVF 'club'. I was extremely nervous. I took all my things to the bathroom this morning. Well not the alcohol swabs. I couldn't find them in the medication box. I was starting to panic but then I found them. I had watch the video from Free.dom Pharm.acy so many times I had no problems with the procedure. I did forget where I had swabbed my abdomen and had to do it again. My DH came in, wondering what was taking so long, and saw I was going through the steps. I was about to inject myself when I hesitated. So he said he'd count to three and then I'd do it, but I ended up injecting at 2. It wasn't so bad. I was working myself up for nothing. These shots I can take but I see how it goes when I have to do the IM shots.


  1. You are definitely part of the IVF club now, lol... These next few weeks may feel like a roller coaster ride, just remember your ultimate goal. You can do it :)

    1. Thanks. it just feels like I've been waiting forever at the 'front door' to be let in.