Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Selective Reductions

This particular topic isn't about me. I have yet to finish my first IVF, none the less have conceived multiples but I am reading this woman's blog where after two years of battling infertility and on her first IVF attempt she became pregnant with quads. She had 2 embryos implanted and one split into identical triplets. One of the triplets didn't make it so now she's carrying twins plus a single. She has to make the toughest decision ever: to reduce or not to reduce. As of right now she has made the decision to reduce. She hasn't stated which she will reduce. Since the twins are identical she can't just reduce one of them so her choice will either leave her with one baby or twins.

I write this post not to bash her decision or even to weight in on what I think she should do but to really think about the "what if" and "what would I do" part of my journey. I am on day 2 of my Menopur/Gonal-F mixture and I am being hit with the reality of this is really happening. In less than two weeks I will be ::cross fingers, pray, light a candle, offer a animal sacrifice, or whatever:: having my egg retrieval and can only imagine having to actually have a choice like that to make. I know my end goal is to have a healthy baby but what about babies. Am I prepared for multiples. After discussing this woman's situation with my husband last night he is no adamant that he only wants one embryo transferred but I'm still not sure. I know the chances of implantation is greater with two but would we be ok with twins or more. Before that blog, he was ok with taking our chances with twins but now not so much. I am nervous about the possibility but he is freaked out. How do I calm his fears? Do I just go with the one embryo for transfer? What are my odds of success with just one transferred? Two? Whew, I've got a lot of research to do.


  1. There are so many factors to consider when transferring embryo(s). Age, quaility of embryo(s), previous history and finally doctor recommendation at the time. I remember having to make this decision on our first ivf, wow it was a tough one. For my age and quaility the doctor suggested we transfer two and we did. Of course neither took. I have seen so many different scenerios. People that had really bad quaility eggs and ended up all taking, people with great quaility and none took. I honestly think it is all a gamble with the information you have provided at the time.

    As far as the selection reduction, it is a personal choice. I also follow the blog you are referring to and to say the least, it breaks my heart how mean and cruel people can be to another person. I wont say rather I agree or disagree with it personally, but I respect a womans choice to choose for her own body.

    Good luck with your decisions from this point forward and wishing you the best with your ivf!

  2. I agree with Toni on the issue of transferring embryos. Before you go in to your transfer, make sure you've done some research on the cost of having twins and discuss it with your husband so you can have a plan going in. I am pregnant with twins and I didn't think either one of them would take! Now after the fact I am seeing just how much our budget will change and it's been quite shocking (especially daycare -- though if you have family around that makes a big difference).

    Having to deal with the issue of reduction has got to be one of the harder decisions in life. My doctor almost thought I had triplets (for like 5 seconds) and in that moment my heart just sunk thinking of having to make that decision. Luckily what he thought was a triplet was just a blood clot, but for those 5 seconds my heart just stopped! I could never judge someone who had to make that decision either way. It is so personal and difficult.