Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A little of the same but less of yesterday

So today, I am in a slightly better place than yesterday but still no closer to any kind of acceptance to this IVF process. I have no idea if I am CD3 or not. The bleeding has stopped. So that's one point in favor of the RE. She also stated that my E2 levels are 583. This is the level of someone who is at day 5 of meds not day 8, as I am currently. My follicles are growing slowly but they are growing. I have another appointment and scan in about two hours so let's see if my slow progress is continuing.

I, personally, don't think that I'll have retrieval this Sunday. I am ok with that. I am understanding that each person is different and, thanks to all those that commented yesterday, I know that sometimes things get pushed back. I just don't want them pushed too far back. My birthday is next Saturday and I'll be darned if I cancel my dinner reservations. It's hard getting a Saturday reservation for that place (The Melting Pot, I say check it out). 


  1. You are right and everyone responds differently to the stims. Wishing you luck on your appointment. Keep us updated! Are they putting you on higher doses of stims?

    We have a Melting Pot here in Oklahoma City but I have never checked it out. Since I work downtown, I am completely ANTI anything downtown when I am not at work.

  2. Happy to hear that you are feeling a bit better today. :)Good luck with your fingers are crossed for you.

  3. Everyone responds so differently... always so hard to know what will happen next. I've had cycle start off badly then turn good... and vice versa. Hoping yours is about to turn good :)) Thinking of you xoxo