Friday, July 27, 2012


This is where we are. Right now is a little tough for me to type as I am laying flat in bed and typing in a very awkward position.

First the RE gave me info on the embryos and like I said before 8 of the 9 fertilized but I didn't know they used ICSI. One didn't take but the others started growing. 3 were at 8 cells, 2 were at 6 cells, 1 was at 4, and 1 was at 2.

We did a day 3 transfer. I asked why not a 5 but the RE had some excuse/answer that at this point I don't remember. Now because (she said) we were doing a day 3 instead of 5, it was decided (said it was standard) to implant 3 embryos. Even though DH only preferred 1 to be transferred, I was ok with 2 but 3 is scary. The RE did give me odds and percentages on them all sticking and actually having triplets. (She said about 1%) They did the selective reduction talk and I had to check whether I would do it if all 3 took and I politely (or rather not so politely) declined. I did however state that I believe every woman has a right to choose. That got a few chuckles from the room. I tend to have nervous humor.

At a few times during the procedure I had to look over and ask DH if he was ok. He hates hospitals, needles, doctors, and pretty much anything medical. I would say scared but I don't want him to kill me if he ever reads this. Gotta let him be his tough manly self. There I was in this awkward position, in this weird chair with a speculum and two catheters "hanging" around and I'm asking him if he was ok.

Here are my questions: for those that have done IVF, did you do a 3 day or 5 day transfer? How many embryos did they transfer? Were you given a choice on the number? AND OMG, should I pull my hair out now or just wait. :-)


  1. I was suppose to originally do 3 day but at last minute they called and changed to 5 day. We transferred two grade b embryos. The doctor suggested that number and we agreed. I have heard of many ppl on day three transferring three though. I think it's all on what you feel comfortable with. Good luck on tww and fingers crossed.

  2. The fertility clinic I go to doesn't allow a 3-embryo transfer. Whether it's done on day 3 or day 5 doesn't matter. They will only do 1 or 2 embryos. I am scheduled for a day 5 transfer tomorrow at noon. I'm anxious to hear what grade our embryos are!

    Good luck; I'm praying for you that you see a BFP!