Saturday, July 28, 2012


I sure hope I typed that right. I have been really looking forward to being able to type in code. Today has been a busy day and I'm hoping to stay real busy during this two week wait. Also I turn the ripe old age of 35 today. I think I just crossed into a new category in the TTC community. I thank you all for the info and well wishes during this ICLW.

On a funny note. I think my RE may be reading all the crap I post about my lost faith in her. She called to wish me a happy birthday today. I guess that now all the hard part is over she can breathe a sigh of relief that her trouble patient is finally happy. 


  1. Happy 35th Birthday! Hope you've got something nice planned.

    And I know that feeling of being able to write your first post in post-tranfer code! It was very excited last month with that too!! Have you told your RE about your blog? Or do you think that she has stumbled upon it?

  2. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your special day :)