Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Zoo and Other Oddities

First up, the oddities. This last week has been a bit trying. The DH and I had a mini-major spat about the results of the FET. He was unfazed by the negative results while I was upset. Like a good DH he stated he was ok with the FET because he was making me happy but he believes 3 kids are enough and I need to get this 'baby thing' outta my system. I like to report he is still alive. I do get it that we are blessed as there are couples out there with no children who have been trying for years. But it's a little hard to 'get over it'. Overall, I just didn't want my frozen embryo sitting in a lab for years and having to pay a storage fee. Especially since I didn't want to destroy it. A year ago he was enthused about one more but his 'front' was more for my happiness.  

On a more happier note, I took my girls to the National Zoo yesterday. Usually I hate going to DC. I always get lost and my GPS (in her British voice) continuously tells me we are rerouting. Yesterday was no different. It started out very hot and humid but then towards the afternoon there was a brief downpour of rain. I went with one of my best friends who runs a daycare. She had eight kids (1 under 1 and 7 ages 4 to 8). We had tons of umbrellas and was actually just finishing up lunch at a table with a huge umbrella over us. The kids enjoyed getting a bit wet and when it stopped raining the sun and heat came back and everyone was dry within the hour. It was a good day. The only down fall was the 5 hours of walking and trading off with my friend in either pushing the one baby stroller and carrying our back-packed lunch bag. Today, I have muscles aching that I didn't even know I had. That was a good trip to remind me just how old I am. 

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