Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hodge Podge of Things....

I usually don't blog on the weekends but there was so much going on towards the end of the week that I never even had a change to get on the computer.

First, I want to say sorry to those at ICLW whose blog I hadn't read or those that visited and left comments and I didn't have a chance to respond to. I feel really bad as I wanted to be fully committed to show support.

Our 17 year old foster daughter really took us for a loop this week. She ended up in emergency placement elsewhere for the week. Her workers suggestion not really ours. She felt that we all needed a break and boy was she right. I never thought I would be one of those foster parents that didn't care where my 'kid' was but this week was peaceful and I rather enjoyed it. I opened my home for the sole purpose of helping a child in need but what do you do when that child don't want to be helped. I felt like a failure but it took a few days to realize that I wasn't the one who failed. I did all I was suppose to do, gave a home, showed kindness, love and in return if the other person don't want to partake there is nothing I can do.

In other news, there was a huge storm in my area on friday night. Lights were flickering here but thank God not only didn't one of my trees fall but we didn't lose power. Half of my area is still without power and may be out til friday. I felt bad that half my family in the area did lose power and I didn't offer anyone an option to stay over. 

I was able to hit the Old Navy $1 flip flop event on saturday despite the heat and multiple power outages. One store was without power but was able to make my way to another store and make out like a bandit with 26 pairs of flip flops for me and my girls. Never though shopping would be high on my to do list (another post for another day) but it was quite an adventure being up and out the house before 7am on a saturday just to buy flip flops. 

That coupled with 4 assignments for my college classes, a family reunion, vacation bible school wrap up, and a Karate belt ceremony for two of my kids, all this weekend, I never once had the chance to freakout about starting Lupron on tuesday. But I'll be back to that on Monday.

So there's my weekend hodge podge. Have a great week, stay cool and I hope you have power where you are.

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