Monday, July 30, 2012

Progesterone Shots

I need to call and ask how many days am I suppose to take these shots. My bottom hurts. My DH has been shooting me up in the top part of the muscle and boy am I sore. I have had 8 shots so far. I asked if I could take the suppositories but was told that this offers the best absorption. How has anyone else gotten through this?

Also, today marks 3dp3dt. I am suppose to test on Monday, August 6th. Does that seem right? That is only 10 days past transfer. Isn't the whole reason why it's called the 2WW is because you are to wait 14 days? Is this testing too early? Sorry for all the questions, I guess am getting very anxious and nervous with this being my first cycle and all. 


  1. The progesterone shots are evil. I was so sore during our 2 ww. Just so you know they start counting from the day of your retreival and not the transfer. The day of your retreival is usually considered the date of ovulation. Are you having your DH rub the spot of injection after he is done? Sometimes a nice deep rub will help loosen the muscles up some more. Good luck!

    1. Thanks on both accounts. You know of all the issues I've had with this RE and she just seems to follow her own set of rules and I it is so difficult for someone like me that has to follow a strict set of guidelines that everything she does throws me off.

  2. I too thought the 2ww started the day of the transfer (which was yesterday for me) but was relieved to find out after my transfer that it starts the day of the retrieval. Only 8 more days left before my PG test! It was nice to find out I already waited 6 days of the 2ww without even knowing it.

    As for the progesterone, I do the vaginal suppositories so I'm not much help there but I have heard that icing the injection site helps.

  3. Congrats on being PUPO :) Sorry that I'm behind.... so glad it went ok :)) Having a beta after 10 days threw me too... but 14 days is from when it would have been naturally conceived. Thinking of you and sending you lots of baby dust xoxo