Thursday, July 12, 2012

Not Feeling Well Today

This is how I feel today. Is it the Doxycycline?  I have been taking it since Tuesday morning and not even a half hour after I take it I feel awful. Maybe it's the fact that I took it on an empty stomach and then guzzled down some coffee afterwards. All I know is I just wanna crawl under my desk and stay there the rest of the day.

On a different note, I'm suppose to have my first blood test and ultrasound tomorrow. I am wondering how my ovaries are responding. I am starting to get a 'full' feeling in the area. I don't know if that's my imagination because I want this to work badly or things are happening.

I know this is the land of uncertainty but I'm not use to chaos. I'm one of those people that have a back up plan for my back up plan. This is that point where I have to "let go and let God".


  1. Good luck on your appointment tomorrow and I can't wait to hear how things went. I know on my stims I started feeling bloated and "full" and I had some nice growing follies! Sounds like a good sign to me and sorry you are feeling sick.

  2. I'm sorry you feel icky! Fingers crossed for good results tomorrow!

  3. Thinking of you for your appt tomorrow... FXd. Sorry that you're feeling unwell... this IVF thing is a nightmare of side-effects, but I've always found that they improve as I get used to the meds. Letting go is hard... I'm trying to do that this cycle. So much of this is beyond our control... which is the hardest part :( Love and hugs xoxo