Thursday, May 31, 2012

Am I Doing Something Wrong?

Back when I was pissed about AF arriving early. (As seen here). I was one day short of finishing the active pills of my BCP. I don't usually take the non-active pills. I was concerned when I started early but the RE said that was no problem and normal. I waited the week and then started the BCPs again. Starting them was on CD8. Based on my calculations (or rather my iPhone app) I would normally ovulate the 25 to the 30. Which I swear it 'feels' like I did yesterday. Is that normal? Isn't that the purpose of BCP to not ovulate or is it suppose to stop something else? I don't know if that's what I'm suppose to not let happen and as of right now I'm scheduled to start Lupron on Tuesday. Is my body just not responding to the pills? I know these are questions I need to ask my RE but the internet is so much more easier to talk to.


  1. Are you adding Lupron because you're in an IVF cycle?

    1. Yes. However, this is my first IVF cycle so I not only don't know what to expect but I also don't know if the way my body is reacting to the BCPs is going to have an effect on having success this cycle.