Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Update On That Stupid Cyst

I called the RE office Monday and yesterday to see what they wanted to do about my CD10 problem. It either had to be earlier or wait til CD 13. Yesterday I finally got a call back. Actually it was more of a text from the Office Manager asking if I was free today from 1 - 2:30. What I wanted to say was "Ahh, no I'm not free I am at work at that time over 30 miles away." But what I actually said was "Yes, I can be there by 1:30."

All day today I had to sit around work and wait. One O'clock rolled around and I bolted out of work at my lunch hour, flew to the RE office, speeding the whole way. I was almost shaking in the waiting room just thinking of all the ways she would tell me that the cyst was still there. I just knew it. I was so in shocked in when said THE CYST WAS GONE. I just couldn't believe my ears. She said I needed to start the BCP again this Sunday and come in on June 4th to make sure again that sucker was still gone and I could start my Lupron on the 5th. I didn't even care that June 4th is DH's birthday. He can spend it at the RE office. That's where I will be. I have finally made it to Step 2 or would this be Step 1. Whatever......I was doing the happy dance all the way back to work. See.....


  1. Hello from ICLW. Congrat on the forward momentum. Best of luck moving forward.

  2. Wonderful news! I despise cysts, glad yours decided to depart!

    ICLW #26