Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This and That kind of questions......

Tomorrow I have my appointment with the RE to determine the thickness of my lining so we can see if we can proceed with the FET on Tuesday. I am really nervous. With my attempt at IVF before it was months and months of appointments, tons of needle sticks and then the retrieval. This just doesn't seem real. 

So these are just a few questions I have for tomorrow's appointment: 
  • Should I be concerned that I normally have a 27 days cycle instead of 28? Will this affect anything? Should I have mentioned this before?
  • Is is normal to have a huge amount of breast sensitivity with just the estrogen I have been taking? I mean this is crazy. They really hurt.
  • Should I have ordered some progesterone by now? I'm getting nervous that this isn't really gonna happen?
I am really nervous. This is my last chance. Please keep me in thoughts and prayers.

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