Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Work Post and 7dp5dt

I am doing my best to get through this work week. It has been a trying one. I have a coworker, whom I shall call Mr. Grumpy Pants. He doesn't like it when others around him make too much noise yet you can hear his phone conversations throughout the entire office. Plus, he is very rude and condescending to our customers. I spend a good deal of my day trying to stay calm and not tell him he's a hypocrite. 

I say all that to say there is a 'war' in the office today over the air conditioner. Mr. Grumpy Pants is too hot and I want to guess his porridge is too cold. He keeps making a big stink about it. Emails upon emails have gone out regarding this. Meanwhile, I'm in my office with a fluffy sweater and a space heater. If I don't have the heater on my nose get's red and my hands become  icicles. When I walked in this morning he told me not to turn on my heater today as they were gonna check the temperatures of the office to see why his area is too hot and they think that personal heaters are bring up the temperature. First, let's remind all he's my COWORKER not my boss.

I'm feeling all kinds of defiant and crabby today (even though it seems like such a petty thing to fuss about). SOOOO, the heaters running. 

On a different hormonal front. I'm 7dp5dt and have yet to POAS. I'm still scared and terrified that the FET wasn't successful. I am going to the bathroom more but haven't seen any signs of implantation bleeding. The 'girls' were sore but not as much anymore. AF is due today but with the Estradiol patch and pills I'm on I'm thinking that may make AF not show up. Right?

Well that's all I got for today. Sorry it's been such a no-good-post kinda week.

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  1. Ugh what an obnoxious coworker!
    I am sending good vibes to you that this FET is successful. I am doing my first IVF retrieval tomorrow and I understand the fear that it won't work. Hoping so much that this cycle is your BFP! Happy ICLW!