Wednesday, June 19, 2013

De-Frosty On Board

I had my transfer today. I'm so nervous that its not gonna work. I have been fretting about this for days. July 1st is beta day and I promised my DH I wasn't gonna test early. Why did I make that promise. I'm sure I probably lied to him.  I know me. I'll probably test the 31st.

The procedure was in the same place the old RE used. It ironically is new RE's place but old RE "used" the facility. He completely explained everything. The frosy well now de-frosty was a 4BB. I'm not sure if I was told this before but I thought it was a 5BB.  He assured me my de-frosty was fine. 

As usual my DH looked like someone was hurting him so I kept asking if he was ok. So again I'm almost upside down with this doctor dude in my good parts and I have to make sure DH is ok. I know that hospitals and hospital settings completely freaks him out so I'm ok making sure he's ok. 

My main question would be: is 10 days too soon to test?  That does worry me. Isn't it called the two-week wait?


  1. Wishing you lots of luck!! As far as I understood, they test after 10 days for FET because your de-frosty is already a couple of days old when transferred. (Don't quote me on that one though. :) )

    1. Thanks. That does makes sense. The embryo is a 5-day so 10 more days would be part of the 'two-week wait'.

  2. Hi from ICLW...I tested positive with my FET at 7dp5dt so def not too early to test. I am going through my 2nd FET soon hopefully. Good luck!!!