Friday, June 21, 2013

Scattered Post

There's so much hodge podgeness going on today.

My department made this huge announcement to folks that they can no longer use their employee number to access company webs applications. They must now use a username that they may or may not have already setup. So folks are confused and the phone has been ring off the hook all day. Needless to say I'm annoyed but I handle it with a smile and secretly wish I could call them names and hang up. But I don't cause I'm a good girl :-)

Then to top it off my pants feel tight around the abdomen. I love these pants they use to fit so perfectly. Could this be an expanding uterus. Ooh Ooh please say it is. I'd hate to have gained any more lbs and it not be cause of a baby. Freaky thing is no one at work (except my boss) knows I'm TTC but one coworker keeps making comments about "the baby". I'd go" Dang I really could use a snack." He says "maybe it's the baby". I'm like WHAT!!! Or yesterday I said "Oh my gosh I have a pain in my side". He said "maybe the baby's kicking". Again...WHAT!! It's freaky. Does he know something? Is he psychic? Do I have paranoia? So many questions to explore.

I'm suppose to take my oldest to take his driver's test tomorrow. He has already made plans for afterwards. Wow, presumptuous much. He called me at work today to tell me all the things he has planned for tomorrow. Good one son. Let's see you get your license first. I believe he can do it. I've watched him do a mock course and it seem good but kids these days are a bit cocky.

It has been mentioned to me a few times, once here on the blog, that maybe I could test early. I'm really scared to do so. I've been told not to think about last cycle but focus on the positive of this one. That only sounds easy. Maybe the fact that next week I have to work 7 days straight will keep me busy and I'll forget about testing.....or  not.


  1. I seem to feel differently about the 2WW than most. I love it, other than over-analyzing every symptom, from transfer to Beta day, there is hope. There is a chance I could be pregnant, but as soon as those results come back, that hope will very likely be gone. I tested early with one of our cycles and regretted it immediately. I tested the night before I was scheduled for my beta. Of course, it was negative. I still had to get up the next morning, drive 40 mins to get the test done and wait for the nurse to call and confirm that indeed I wasn't pregnant. I vowed then that I would never test early again, and I didn't!

  2. Good Luck for the 2ww! And good luck to your son as well!