Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mad Tired...coming unglued

Since my last post I can say I've had a trying week. I briefly mentioned that our latest foster caught had left but I haven't had a chance to state the reasoning behind her exit. I'm still trying to figure out the legalities before posting that story. But overall I haven't even sleeping. It's been a tad stressful. Also, due to my previous gastric bypass surgery (over two years ago) I am on a double (maybe triple) dose of estrogen for the upcoming FET.  All I wanna do is sleep, cry and clean stuff. All of which is so not like me. I feel like I've come unglued.

I also mentioned a job change. I am still in the I.T. field but instead of going out within our company to fix computers I do remote support answer work. So I'm mostly at my desk all day. Some guy called the other day and asked for someone who was not on the list of names in my department and then went to criticize me when I noted I wasn't gonna look her up. We have a few thousand people working at my company as a whole. My I.T. department on supports our department and I am not directory assistance. So I told him where he could stick his insult. 

I have no idea what has gotten into me lately but all I know is I need a break. I have a RE appointment Thursday to see if we are progressing. I'll update on that after. Right now,  I'm gonna go take a nap. 

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