Monday, June 24, 2013

An Idle Mind is.....

....Apparently not what I have. My DH has spent the entire weekend keeping me busy. I think I was worrying him to death about my fears and when I should test. So here's the weekend recap.

First thing Saturday I took my oldest C. out to get more practice in for his driver's test. We then went to the MVA and he passed with flying colors. Just like he knew and said he would. (darn cocky kids) The test was different from when I took it. Well I guess things would have changed in the 20 years since I've gotten my license. They do some things on a course, parallel parking and backing into a vertical parking space (like one would park at the mall. yeah, all kids should know that one.) Then they go out on the street. My son said once the instructor knew he was able to drive the guy was just texting away on his cell phone. Geesh Mister thanks for making sure my son was safe.

Next was a trip to my brother's house. He and his wife are pretty much the coolest couple we know. I apologize in advance to my BFF and her DH. I have to rank family first. They helped fill the day with a cookout at SIL's mother's house, then dinner at the Tilted Kilt and then off to see Man of Steel (I had mixed feelings about this movie but that post is for another time). By the time we got home I was tuckered out. It was a day of laughs, fun, and certainly good company.

Sunday after church we have a tradition of going to Costco to shop for food and household items. It's also a good way to get snacks before lunch. But today, since DH is in distraction mode we headed to his parents house. They live about 45 mins to an hour past our house, depending on traffic. They live not to far over Maryland's Bay Bridge. Sunday+Summer=Backed up bridge. I took the time to read some blogs on the ipad. But then all the fun started. I had to help configure FIL's cell phone with his work email, uninstall IE10, reset his wireless password, add the wireless to his cell phone, setup his pc on his new desk, change the ink in the printer oh and explain how to use the new cell phone with the now configured email. Can we say busy work.

For my troubles DH took me to dinner. Then I came home and cooked "dinner". I put some stuff in my crock pot for a beef stew so tonight's dinner is done. And again I was tuckered out. Weekend is done. DH didn't hear not one word about fertility, testing, embryos, nada. His peace will last for another day.

Whew, I'm just tired writing about my weekend. QOTD: How do you handle the TWW?

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