Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Needed To Clear My Head

Sorry, I haven't had the chance to read any blogs lately or have I taken the time to sit down and post. I feel so overwhelmed right now with decisions that I need to make.

With my insurance, I have 2 rounds left. DH is now a bit apprehensive about paying for IVF unlike before. So I believe that I may only have those 2 rounds left. If I can't convince him to pay. I was thinking about going back to the old RE just for that one frosty but that will leave me with just 1 round if it doesn't work. I have an appointment with the big RE office, just as a consultation but I still need to get my records from the old RE in order to do so. I hate confrontation so I'm a bit nervous about asking for my records. But I need to do something before the 30th of this month. I told the RE that I would contact her on Monday as to whether I decided between a new fresh cycle or that one frozen and today is now Wednesday. Clearly, I haven't make a decision.

My heart is so conflicted about what to do and my DH's response is he'll go along with whatever I feel comfortable with. Fine time to respect my decisions. Let's argue about it and you have a strong opinion and try to make me see it your way. I don't wanna make the decision alone. And that's how I feel, alone. I have to make this choice myself and it sucks. I think the stress of this is making me physically ill. Anyone want to add their 2-cents. I'm considering any and all opinions right now.


  1. Wow that is definitely a lot to think about. I know so many woman that had luck on their FET's. Wish I could put in my two cents but I really don't have any idea. Maybe another fresh cycle and if you need to, you could save the frozen for cycle #3 if needed? I hope that you guys are able to come to a decision that feels right for you.

  2. Follow your heart and forget about whether your current clinic will be offended or whatever if you ask for your records. Patients ask for record transfers or copies all the time; they're used to it. If you do a frozen cycle next and (if it doesn't work) a fresh cycle after that, would you consider more frozen cycles after the fresh cycle if the fresh cycle didn't work (or if it did work and you wanted to try again for another baby later)? If that makes sense. It's almost like you would have more chances if you did the frozen cycle then the fresh cycle then frozen again (if there are embryos to freeze again).

  3. Wow, tough decisions. I'm of the mind for you to do a fresh cycle and leave the frozen one for the third try. Hugs to you and will be praying for you.