Wednesday, August 8, 2012

These Roller Coaster Rides

That is what I have been on these last few days. First, I think I am doing ok with this extra wait but since I'm such a worry wort I am stressing about whether nor not there was any success. I saw traces of bleeding on Saturday and though ok this could be implantation bleeding then when I saw more Monday, Tuesday and today, it almost sent me into shock. I consulted Dr. Google and apparently this is normal. Especially since I have 3 embryos in there. So here's hoping at least one of them is burying themselves in deep cause my mind keeps panicking that I'll have to do these shots all over again.

On a separate note, yesterday I participated in a raging war within private messages on FB with my two sisters. Totally stupid and I feel immature on all our parts. Needless to say, the one sister I was already not speaking to not only are we are still not speaking but now it won't even be cordial conversations at family events. The other sister who I did speak to and babysat her daughter every other weekend for the last two years and I are now not speaking. As my DH put it, Minnie the Mooch is now out of our lives. Like I don't have enough drama going on. Thank God my brother has a wife that I love to pieces so I still have that sister bond going on.

I had hoped to have had my blanket finished by today but the way things are going with my emotions I'm not even sure I like that thing anymore. I have to find a way to make it more squared. It's starting to look like one of those runner carpets. So I'm kinda stalled on it. I think I really wide border could help or I may have to create a second one and stitch them together to make one. Off to Google I go.


  1. I can totally relate to the drama with sisters and not speaking to each other! My sisters and I argue all the time and someone always ends up not talking to the other. I have two sisters and I'm right in the middle. Good times, especially when I'm going through IF and neither one of them have ever had any trouble getting pregnant.

  2. Family drama, boy can I relate to that one. I finally just wrote my whole family off except my sister because it was to much stress. Of course that is a dramatic decision :)

    Are you going to POAS before your next beta? Keep your chin up and take things day by day.

  3. @sams. I am right in the middle as well but I just feel like a whole different sheep in that herd. They are so much alike it's so difficult to deal with.

    @Toni. Yes I plan to do so friday morning before my beta. And this is no time in my life right now for that drama and stress. I saw your post about your family and I so don't blame you.