Monday, August 6, 2012

Call From RE

This is how the dialog pretty much went:

Her: You had labs done today?
Me: Yes, you told me to get my beta done on the 6th.
Her: Really? You had your transfer on the 27th right?
Me: Yep and I put the date in my calendar when you told me.
Her: Oh, I must have had the dates wrong. You are only 10 days past. This is too early to test. I like to see testing on day 15.
Me: Yeah, I think I saw implantation bleeding yesterday and Dr. Google told me it was too early but I figured you knew best.
Her: Well test on this Friday and text me when you get it done so I can be on the look out.
Me: Well can I POAS that morning cause I'm kinda anxious.
Her: It may be too early to POAS but if you decide to test yourself that morning just let me know if you think we may have a positive. 

And to that dialog I say awesome, and not in a good way. I'm all kinds of stressing and sad from my BFN and it's too dang early to test. SO I'm back in the land of faith and hope. 


  1. Oh my goodness your doctor. Things really shouldn't be this difficult and confusing. I hope that you get your bfp and can put all of this behind you.

  2. I cannot believe what I am reading! Now she wants you to wait until Friday?? I had a day 5 transfer on July 30 and my RE had me schedule my beta for Wednesday. Sorry you are back in the waiting game again, but I will keep praying for good news for you!