Sunday, August 5, 2012

As Of 7am....

... It was a BFN. It was suggested that maybe its still too early to POAS. According to Dr Google, I shouldn't have my beta done until the 8th instead of tomorrow. So I'm gonna try and hold out hope unit tomorrow and see what the beta says but I am disappointed none the less.


  1. How many days after transfer are you?

  2. A friend of mine had three day transfer few weeks ago. On 9dp3dt she tested negative at home, next day on beta it was positive at 17 which is low. Now all her levels have raised and she is having her first u/s next week. Hang in there.

    1. lol... I am 9dp3dt..... I am trying really hard to have faith and not be down but right now, I'm not gonna lie....I'm kinda sad.

  3. I have my beta on the 8th too (I know yours is technically scheduled for tomorrow...but close enough)! Happy baby prayers to both of us!