Friday, September 7, 2012


I haven't posted in a super long time. I am doing my best to stay updated on other folks blogs but my head hasn't been in the fertility game lately. While I so desperately want to be pregnant again I can't seem to wrap my hands around the phone to call the RE's office. I don't know what my issue is. I have gone through so much in the last month it's actually kinda making us rethink if we want to go through this again. I'm thinking I'll just grow old and bitter with my unfulfilled hopes and dreams. I figured I'd do that anyway due to never having won the lottery but figure maybe this would be more realistic.

Here's the low down (other kids mentioned). School has started so my other kids are back on their crazy schedule. (Karate, Football, Cheerleading, Swimming) I'm tuckered out just driving all around town so to add multiple doctors appointments on top of that is gonna be challenging. We need to move. I refuse to continue to pay our crazy outrageous mortgage. I wanna sell and downgrade but we need the space to downgrading is not the best option in size just price. (Yeah, I know good luck with that). Then we got a new foster child/adult. Shes 18 and that has brought new challenges into the home. Do I really want to add a new baby at this time? Yes and No. I don't want to have my poor eggs grow any older. I still have that one frozen and I need to make some choices. Plus have I mentioned I still don't know what to do about my RE. I did call a few weeks ago, got the answering service and no one called me back. Should I take that as a sign? 

I did, in the course of typing this post, talk to the place that has my one frozen embryo and they gave me a bit more hope on just paying for the transfer out of pocket instead of wasting one of my last two insurance authorization. Hopefully I come to a decision soon and get back to regular blogging. 

xoxo to all my fertility ladies in the trenches. baby dust to you all. :-)

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  1. I think the day will come when it will just hit you and you will know exactly what to do (move on or try again). We are forced to do so much waiting in the IF game that it's strange when we actually have a choice to keep waiting and try again later or jump into it again immediately. Maybe see if you can set aside some "you time" to just think and meditate on what your heart is telling you. Thinking of you! *hugs*