Tuesday, June 12, 2012

You Learn Something New Each Day

I have just been beside myself in regards to this cyst. Also with the E2 reading from my last appointment. I have found tons of information about what the levels should be on CD1 and while on the IVF medication but nothing in regards to just everyday life. I posted to a fertility forum and other questions came up. Some speculate that the cyst wasn't a cyst but a follicle about to release an egg and that the RE's antiquated machinery is just that, antiquated. I may feel slightly better about the fact that maybe I'm not being haunted by a cyst but just bad imagery. 

On a different note, and the actual reason for this post, since I have had gastric bypass surgery it is reminded that my pill absorption isn't that great. I was told to crush my BCPs for better effectiveness. I have no idea why I didn't think about that. I do that when I have to take any pain meds. Why wouldn't I do that with these? It was so simple and I feel so stupid that I didn't think about that last month. UGH. 

So here we sit, lesson learned, new insights gained and hopefully, no cyst next cycle.

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