Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Update Appointment - Progress

First I want to start off by saying I finally managed the courage to ask for a copy of my medical records. I asked the Office Manager/Receptionist and he said it would be no problem just ask the RE since she had my chart. But I think he told her I wanted it. Now I did have an elaborate story (big ol' fat lie) as to why I wanted it but I believe deep down they knew I was thinking about leaving. 

My ultrasound was different this time. The uncomfortable probing I was expecting didn't happen. It felt so half-hearted. I'm not complaining but I was use to the deep poking and prodding that I figured it would be the same. The RE and her assistant were whispering things that had me nervous. "It don't look ovarian". "Check the right one again". I was freaking out. Thinking "Oh God, now they gonna tell me it may be a mass now I'm gonna lose the ovary all together." Once they were done, I braced for the bad news. She said she still sees the cyst there but she doesn't think it's a cyst. She said it looks like it's above the ovary and it may not be a cyst after all. (WTF) So all these months I've been stalled and it may have been for nothing. 

All in all she is going to proceed and I am to come back next Monday with my Lupron kit. I think it's to show me how to start injections but I may not start them til the 10th I'm not sure. Next Monday I'll also get my drug schedule so things are kind of moving along and I am starting to feel that I am actually part of an IVF process.


  1. Visiting from ICLW and chuckled at your "big old lie" because I did the same when I was going to leave my RE. I don't know why I cared so much! I hope things keep moving along for you!