Monday, June 18, 2012

CD#1 Again

So that has come and rolled around again. I have called to schedule the good ol' routine cyst check and will do blood work tomorrow. This cycle will be different. I have since started crushing up my BCPs and will see where that gets me. Hopefully, no cyst on CD19. Other than that no news. 

My DH wanted to go out checking for a 'better' car this past weekend. We have a truck that seats 7 and right now we (He, I, our kids and foster kid) seems to fit we have no trunk space what so ever. We wanted to see what was out there as far as our options. We haven't told the kids we are actively trying. DH doesn't want to get their hopes up but each one as expressed a want for a new sibling. So, while out we spoke to sales people about needing space for suitcases for when we travel. Yet at one point he says "oh yeah this has plenty of room for a stroller". I yell out "SUITCASE, SUITCASE". Only one child picked up on it. She's old enough to have put two and two together now but it really doesn't impact her so she doesn't care that we are keeping the secret. She's our 17 year-old foster child and she is glad for us and all but she's more focused on her future than anything right now. But the sales guy did look at us pretty weirdly though. 

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