Monday, June 25, 2012

Trying Times

It has been an awful time in our house this weekend and it has all been non-fertility related. Our 17 year old foster daughter as done a complete 180, as far as attitude, this past week. I know I should expect teenagers to be unruly or defiant or just plain ol mad but for the past two years she has been in our home she has been pretty decent. She does give some attitude, bad communication, all a bit sneaky but never combative to the point where I question my willingness to be a foster parent. I look at it like this. I have a 7-seat van. All she's doing is freeing up room in my car for twins. Maybe I don't need that kind of headache. I was dealing with her issues all week but her drama caused me to miss church yesterday and I was almost late for my volunteer duties at Vacation Bible School today. I can't stand when other people have you questioning why you do the things you do and on top of that the person that has me questioning is a child. It also makes me question if I even want a 4th child of my own in my home. On a slightly different note. Tonight, I meet with the RE about me progressing on to the drug phase. If all goes well (no cyst or any other phantom object she sees) I should get a schedule of what to start and when.

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  1. Thinking of you and sorry to hear that you've had a rough week :( Hope your appt goes well and that your schedule starts soon xoxo