Tuesday, June 5, 2012

And One To The Next

So the goal for today was get blood work done and pray for low E2 levels. First thing this morning I arrived at work at 7am to run straight across the street to the lab. The person entering in the codes mistook the circle and checkmark around the STAT box for a panel of blood work that included a A1C. Thank God the draw lady and I caught that. I wait and wait all day for my 6:15pm appointment, shell out a copay, only to have the RE tell me my E2 levels were 447.7. WHAT!!! Just a 'few' days ago on the 25th of May the level was 45.3. How does it jump so high so fast? And what does that mean? I know she was shocked it was so high. Goog.le told me it was from being in pre-ovulation. She is having the lab rerun the blood to see if maybe something somewhere made an error. I'm sure it didn't and it's that darn cyst just causing problems. So it's back to the BCPs and on CD1 redo labs and come in for a scan.

One thing I didn't ask, which I have to call back tomorrow to see, what happens if CD1 comes early. I have 11 days of active pills left. Do I stop taking them if AF comes early? Then what happens to the non-active pills? Do I take them or just start a new pack the sunday after AF? I always waited for the full week to go by, could that be why my system is getting confused? 

I addressed the question about my gastric bypass and the absorption of the BCPs. I even called the surgeon's office. They said that it could possess a problem but they weren't sure and the RE said of course it's not a problem. I don't really believe that. I was actually ok with her decision, I pretty much knew it was another month of the same ol same ol. I am still thinking about heading over the the "big" RE office and just take my chances on the insurance. It wasn't like I wasn't prepared to go the cash route anyway.

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  1. Sorry to hear there's a hiccup... wish our cycles went more smoothly :( Thinking of you xoxo